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About Us


We are an adventure tour company and hang gliding school. We offer you a variety of ways to enjoy the freedom of flight like never before with tandem discovery flights, guided hang gliding tours, and instruction in Queensville, Ontario. Experience the beautiful and breathtaking countryside as you soar in tandem or fly solo over patched landscapes.



We are very proud of our operation and strive to make your adventure not only memorable but the best experience ever. Enjoy the quiet of the purest form of flight attainable. Whether you want to take an introductory flight, take an adventure tour, or go through our hang gliding instruction course, you can find it here. Share a thermal with an eagle. Soar effortlessly in silent freedom. We hope you enjoy our friendly and easy going atmosphere.


Dave Llewellyn, our tandem pilot and adventure guide has flown thousands of tandems all over Canada, the United States, and Latin America. Dave has the ability to find new and exciting flying sites that are sure to inspire and awe even the most avid pilots. He is currently an HPAC Certified Pilot, Advanced Instructor, and Tandem Instructor. You can usually find Dave on fields across Canada to the the mountains of Ecuador doing what he loves best: introducing students to his life long passion of hang gliding. His style is one of positive reinforcement, lots of yahoos, and a good natured smile.
“My interest in flying began early on with an initial interest in Skydiving during which time I obtained a Class A License. In an effort to extend flying time, I turned to paragliding and it is through this activity that I discovered the flourishing Hang gliding community of Southern Ontario. For some 18 years now, Hang gliding has been a full time passion. During the Summer months, teaching new students and flying tandems as a Certified tandem instructor, while spending the remainder of the year doing hang gliding tours in Mexico and Ecuador. While having traveled extensively in Mexico and Ecuador for many years, I have come to know well both the countries and a great many people that are drawn to this sport. On my travels I have discovered countless quaint hotels and restaurants which are most often located off the beaten path yet are precisely those which characterized best the local culture.”

David Llewellyn