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During the winter months when it’s too cold to fly in Canada, Fly Gravity Sports Mexico, does hang gliding and Paragliding tours in Mexico. We have winch tow coastal flying as well as mountain flying for the pilot wanting something more challenging. Paraglider pilots wishing to join one of our tours must be intermediate or advanced pilots. Some towing experience would be beneficial as we also do towing on the beach.

Mountain Flying Sites:

Mexico is a great place for junior and advanced pilots to practice hang gliding and paragliding. The mountain regions around Guadalajara are some of the best locations to fly with huge dried up lake beds ideal for the junior pilot to practice approaches and landings.

San Marcos is one of the best mountain launches in Jalisco. This site is ideal for both Hang gliding and Paragliding. The launch is a concrete ramp at around 1800 feet AGL, with a huge dried up lake below. This site is ideal for the junior pilot to gain experience launching from a mountain, setting up on approaches and landings.

Tapalpa has a grass slope launch at approx 3700 ft AGL. This site is great for both hang gliding and paragliding. The landing field is rectangular in shape with a slight downward slope with power lines between the mountain and landing field. Junior pilots flying at this location should be under the guidance of an instructor or senior pilot experienced at this location.

La Cumbre is located in Colima and in my opinion is the best consistent site for flying on any given day. This site has a concrete ramp with astro turf. This site is ideal for both Hang gliding and Paragliding and is about 1400 feet AGL. Beginner pilots need to be under the guidance of an instructor or an advanced pilot who knows this site.

Tamazula is a cliff launch at approx 750 feet AGL. This site is an advanced site for intermediate and advance pilots with cliff launch experience. The landing area is typically a cleared sugar cane field or short grassy field with barbed wire fences. Watch out for wind gradient!

El Tecuan was once a beautiful hotel on the Pacific coast complete with it’s own airstrip. Now abandoned and overgrown the beach is ideal for winch towing. Tows up to 2500 feet are possible at this very scenic location.

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