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Intro Tandems

At Fly Gravity Sports Mexico, we use the latest tandem winch towing techniques to provide the most enjoyable and exciting experience possible. Modern “Tandem” Hang-Gliders are built for two and flown by our very experienced Certified Tandem Pilots. The tandem hang glider can be flown from the side of a mountain (foot launch) or can be towed into the air much like a kite,with our specially designed winch.(weather permitting) This bucket list item is perfect for thrill seekers who want to get an overall perspective of hang gliding.



Prior to commencing your intro tandem lesson, you will be required to complete a waiver. You will also be extensively briefed on all safety procedures including what to expect during your flight. Finally, we should highlight that previous experience in hang gliding is not necessary and There’s no stupid question,when it comes to your safety. Feel free to ask Questions!

Casual and comfortable clothing is recommended. You should wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather on the day. It can be cold at 2000 feet so You may also want to bring gloves and sunglasses. All other equipment will be provided.

This experience is open to people of 9 years and older. Both parents must give written consent for an under age child to fly with an instructor. For mountain foot launch..Must be physically fit and be able to run off the side of a mountain. For winch tow Hang gliding people with disabilities can fly. Must have prior approval from Tandem Pilot!  There is a weight limit of 60 LBS to 220 LBS Maximum.

Hang gliding is weather dependent. In case of bad weather, we may need to reschedule your experience to another day. We will not compromise on safety!

Time in the air is all up to mother nature. We need rising air (thermals) to keep us aloft. While being bounced around in the air by unstable air/thermals, its possible to climb thousands of feet higher extending air time.

Hang-gliding makes for a peaceful aerial journey. However, during your lesson your pilot will give you the opportunity to take the controls and have a go at flying the hang glider by yourself. You will be amazed how easy it is! Landing is possibly the most exhilarating part of the hang gliding experience. At the conclusion of your flight, your instructor will make a smooth landing on wheels.

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