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Beginner Lessons Part 1

If you’ve ever had the desire to fly on your own then this is one of the most exciting and affordable solution for most people. The training needed to get yourself flying solo is minimal. With modern winch tow training techniques, we can help you reach your goals quickly.   Fly Gravity Sports is the ideal place to establish or improve your flying skills. As a Certified School, we teach beginners to fly and offer extensive continuing education to pilots of all levels.


  Beginner course Part 1: $595 Dollars Plus tax

Our Beginner Hang Gliding Course (Part 1) gets you hands on right from day one. We immediately progress you into familiarizing yourself with the hang glider.  Learning to fly with the instructor at your side, flying Tandem has never been easier. After about six or more intro tandem lessons we move you to a solo glider where you start flying by yourself. Using our custom built winch we pull you slowly and gently across the field just a few feet off the ground. The instructor controls the height of the glider at all times and can simply reduce power at any point to set the glider back gently on the ground to end the flight. With the training gliders large wing area, light weight frame and slow flying speeds, it is easy for the trainee to enjoy the experience of free flight like never before.
The course is approximately 8 to 12 hours in length and comprised of two or more 4 hour training sessions done either early in the day or evening to accommodate for light winds and gentle conditions.

On completion of The beginner Part one course You will be ready to fly by yourself at low altitudes. On completion of Part 1. You will be encouraged to take the second course where things really start to happen.

Beginner Part 2

This part of the course is where everything changes.This part of the (certified) course is where you learn to fly high. The student will be changing equipment (Gliders) and re learning to fly a more advanced wing. As the tows get higher, you will practice doing all types of turns, speeds to fly, including dives,stalls and recovery. This is also the stage where you would be learning to fly prone (flat) and do transitions. On completion of this course you will be flying 2000 feet all by yourself!

Beginner course part 2: $595 Dollars plus tax

The course is approximately 30 hours in length and comprised of approximately eight 3 to 4 hour training sessions done either early in the day or evening to accommodate for light winds and gentle conditions.The ground school portion of four to five theory lectures is available on DVD to study at home.

On completion of this course students are encouraged to Join the Fly Gravity Sports tow club Where you would be flying more mid day and learn to thermal with advanced pilots.

We teach 7 days a week from 7am to 11am.(Weather permitting) The Course includes the following:

  • All textbooks
  • Glider rentals
  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Lectures
  • Certified courses from beginner to advanced levels including tandem ratings for Instructors.
  • Instruction by an Advanced Certified Instructor.
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