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Intro Tandems

Tandem Discovery Flight

Have you always dreamed of being able to soar like a bird? Now you can with a Tandem Discovery Flight with Fly Gravity Sports in Queensville, Ontario. Our winch-tow tandem is a unique way to enjoy the freedom of flight like never before. Hang gliders used to require running off the steep edge of a mountain to launch into the air but not anymore.


Your tandem begins with a pre flight briefing. You will then hook in beside your pilot and get ready to launch from wheels, no running necessary. With our special winch, you and your pilot are towed into the air like a kite higher than the CN tower. (Weather permitting) Once released from the winch tow you will have the opportunity to fly. You can take control or just relax and enjoy the experience, as you glide gently through the air with a birds eye view of everything below. Once it’s time to land, your pilot will glide in for a perfect, smooth landing on wheels.

Since we take-off and land on wheels, there’s no effort necessary. We have flown everyone from kids 10+ to 90 year old grandmothers! The weight range is from 60 to 220 LBS.

We fly more mid day for the stronger winds and afternoon thermals. Warm clothing and glasses are required as it can get cold at 2000 ft and higher.(weather permitting)


Your tandem will take place at the Rollick Airpark  in Queensville, Ontario.
Tandems will be rescheduled when weather does not allow us to fly safely.


We fly 7 days a week from 11am to 5 pm.

At Fly Gravity Sports, safety is our number one priority. All flights depend on the weather conditions for the day of your scheduled flight. If the conditions are not flyable then your reservation will be rescheduled to a day that is convenient for you. David Llewellyn, our tandem pilot and instructor has flown thousands of tandems all over Canada, the United States and Latin America. He considers safety his number one priority and will not fly unless the conditions are optimal. Before your flight you will be extensively briefed on the flight procedure, safety measures,and what you will experience during your adventure.